Ski safari

Live in the heart of the most beautiful ski destinations

The best way to discover the best ski areas, accompanied by a Ski Instructor or an Alpine Guide.

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Ski safari

Live in the heart of the most beautiful ski destinations

The best way to discover the best ski areas, accompanied by a Ski Instructor or an Alpine Guide.

Choose your experience

Why participate

  1. Because it is the best way to fully experience the most beautiful ski destinations
  2. Because you don’t have to think, everything is already organized by us
  3. Because it is a paradise for true skiers
  4. Because you will have the opportunity to sleep in surprisingly comfortable high-altitude structures, surrounded by a special atmosphere, from which you can enjoy the beauty of the mountains.
  5. Because you can simultaneously be guided on the most beautiful slopes, sleep in the most remote structures and improve your skiing technique both on and off the track.

Choose your journey

Choose your journey


Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage

The time has come to try, you have been skiing for many years on the track and now you want something different and exciting

  • Period: from November (snow permitting) to April

  • Meeting point: Exit highway Affi car parking or directly at the destination

  • Place of activity: Dolomites: Sella Ronda, Giro della Grande Guerra, Giro delle Cime

  • Meeting time: 6.00 am in Affi or at 8.30 am at our destination

  • Activity duration: 4 days (3 nights)

  • Number of participants: 1-4 per guide

  • Minimum age: 12 years old

  • Price: € 400,00 per person

  • What it includes:
    • Accompaniment with Alpine Guide or Ski Instructor
    • Luggage transport: With one of our vehicles
    • Accident Insurance, recovery and rescue participants
    • Transport: Any costs of moving with Xadventure, will be divided among the participants

  • It does not include:
    • Board and lodging, which will mostly be in shelters or high altitude facilities. From € 50 per night
    • Ski pass: 4 days, depending on the season and destination

  • What to bring:
    • Skis and boots
    • Helmet and mask
    • ARTVA (Research Equipment Overwhelmed in Avalanche), shovel and probe if in possession
    • Ski winter clothing
    • Thermos for hot tea
    • Sunglasses
    • Sunscreen
    • Required for overnight stay

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Important information

  • Materials needed: gloves, winter jacket, woolen hat, hiking boots (preferably waterproof), warm socks. Useful, for those who have it, to wear normal ski equipment. Equally useful to bring a small backpack to put away the jacket if it gets hot while walking.
  • For night excursions we recommend batteries or headlamps.
  • The possible hire of snowshoes and poles is not included.

Who are the guides

Founder of Xadventure Team

Mountain guide – River canoeing teacher – Rafting guide – Instructor Canyoning

· Director of canyoning specialization courses for mountain professionals.

· President of the National Canyoning Commission.

· President of the Canyoning International Technical Commission.

· Member of the National Board of Alpine Guides.

1988 – River canoeing teacher.

1990 – Rafting guide

1998 – Preparatory course

1999 – National course of aspiring guide.
2002 – Canyoning specialization course.
2004 – International mountain guide.
dal 2013 – President of the National Canyoning commission
dal 2016 – International canyoning commission manager
20 years of Alpine rescue
10 years of helicopter rescue, which make me very sensitive to prevention and training in the most complex areas.
6 years at the army as a training officer in the mountains and beyond

I have been working on rivers and in the mountains since I was 16, first as an assistant instructor, then as a teacher and guide.
My cultural know-how leads me to be eclectic and able to range from one discipline to another without problems, I have always practiced different sports even at a high competitive level, I love teaching, transmitting and sharing passions and experiences.

Practiced sports: all those typical sports of the Alpine Guide disciplines like climbing, ice climbing, high altitude expeditions, off-piste skiing, ski mountaineering, canyoning, river canoeing, sailing, paragliding, telemark, triathlon and all that concerns the bicycle, in short … I like to explore and test myself!

My professional sports life is combined with a very intense professional insurance life that ranges from managing complex risks related to the Outdoor world, up to normal everyday coverage, of course, managing very carefully the professional commitments in the two areas, and relying on valid collaborators.

I work in both my professions with great passion, being able to cut out both spaces according to the moments, this system in my opinion keeps the enthusiasm high and the desire to do well and always improve.

You can reach me by phone but if I don’t answer at the first time it’s not because I don’t feel like it, it’s just that I’m always very busy.


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At the disposal of all those who want to access our world, I will always try to encourage you, giving you all the necessary information.

Safety Kayaker, Mountain bike guide, BLSD operator

I’ve always been a very sporty girl, always looking for the limit, for something new to experience.

Then one day, I decided to participate in a tour of Ski Mountaineering, Freeride and Telemark on Etna with Xadventure … I met our mountain guide Marco Heltai … and everybody understood how this story went further.
So in addition to my historical passions of cycling and skiing, I added canoeing, climbing, canyoning, high-altitude trekking, paragliding …

After 20 years of working in the world of foreign trade in tourism, first in a mountain destination, then at Lake Garda, I thought to use my experience combining it with the world that best suits me, an active holiday in the outdoor world.

My goals are:
– make it suitable to everyone, through a clear and simple communication, the possibility of accessing this fantastic world of Adventure, step by step, without fear, being available to respond to any doubts or concerns, without taking anything for granted.

– promote our fantastic Baldo-Garda area in a new way, communicating to our guests, that in addition to beaches and amusement parks, terrestrial paradises are born, untouched by mass tourism, paths rich in history, visible only by practicing our activities that can turn a holiday into a real experience to remember.

In 2018 I obtained the certifications of BLSD and First Aid, Safety Kayak, Mountain Bike Guide 1st level, aligning with the philosophy of Xadventure, to make available to guests competence and professionalism.

I love children and in general all the people who like to get involved, challenging their fears. Therefore, as an assistant, along with the Mountain guides, I follow the summer and winter camps for children and outdoor training courses for companies, I encourage the weakest and I admire the most daring … I live real transformations, which fill me with joy.

Dreams in the drawer: travel the world by bicycle, climb the highest peaks in the world, descend the snowiest slopes of the world, move from one part of the world to the other by canoe … but also continue to live like this I wouldn’t mind.


Xadventure Outdoor Lake Garda

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Gift idea

Not sure what to give as a present?  We offer you an alternative gift!

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