Canoe tours and courses on Lake Garda and on the Adige river to have fun and paddle in company. There are those who seek the sunset on the lake at the end of the day, those who seek a pleasant, calm and peaceful excursion on the river and also those who seek the thrill of a breathtaking descent through the rapids. This is the world
of the canoe, a moment of absolute freedom.

For both river and lake activities, you will always be followed and assisted by one of our guides, people who have followed a specialization course and who are constantly updated, to assist you in the worst conditions.

Discover all our canoeing excursions on Lake Garda and choose your favourite.
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Why participate in a canoeing tour on Lake Garda

  • Paddling is good for your health, it is a harmonious movement that is done in a relaxing environment in contact with nature. Doing it in the evening after work is also good for the mind, because it gives a unique feeling of well-being.
  • It is an activity suitable for all those who love a light and carefree lifestyle or who are looking for an emotion starting from a natural and calm balance with the environment. From 9 to 99 years old, with a minimum of physical fitness and without fear of water.
  • Because with our excursion in canoe you will discover very suggestive landscapes from a new perspective, some excursions provide tasting of local products, to appreciate even more the richness of our territory.
  • For the more curious or the ones who have more experience in canoe, we will make them try the emotion in kayak, a watercraft that requires more coordination and collaboration with your paddle.

Important information

  • What to bring: trainers, sandals or neoprene shoes, swimsuit, technical t-shirt, shorts that will get wet, water bottle, sun cream, sun hat and sunglasses. A towel and dry clothing for after activity is recommended.
  • All the technical material needed is provided by Xadventure. If you would like after we can help you choose the material suitable for your level.
  • Our inflatable canoe sit on top are very comfortable, stable and secure to use in the river.


No, it’s not a dangerous activity and the Adige flows placidly, but you need to learn how the currents carry you downstream.

As for the possibility of capsizing, yes, it is possible, like on any boat, but we have a life jacket and a helmet on purpose and therefore it is never a problem. There is not even the risk of getting stuck inside the canoe in the event of capsizing.

Certainly yes, our canoes are specially designed to allow you to have your first experience.

Both for activities in the river and in the lake, you will always be followed and assisted by one of our Safety Kayak workers, people who have followed a specialization course and which are constantly updated to assist you in the worst conditions.

It is not recommended, it is better to leave it in the car because there is a risk of it getting wet.

Because in the river it is necessary to be able to walk on the banks and often they are jagged and full of thorns, for this it is necessary to have shoes

It depends on the type of experience you choose, you can consult the prices and other info in the individual experience products.

You can contact us at the following contacts: tel: +39 3298822313 e-mail: Follow us on Facebook to stay up to date on activities and see photos and videos of our experiences.

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