Gift an adventure!

Experience as a gift

When it comes to giving gifts, we often run out of ideas or end up buying something useless and discounted.
Giving an experience, on the other hand, means surprising with a gift that will last forever: a special moment to live, a memory to keep in your heart for a long time.
Xadventure offers many exciting and adrenaline-pumping activities to choose from, suitable for all levels of experience. Breathtaking descents through the rapids, panoramic paragliding flights, ice climbing, SUP tours, canoe excursions at sunset, bike tours… these are just some of the many outdoor activities that you can offer. If you are looking for an original gift idea, we have a suggestion for you: give adventure, freedom and adrenaline with our activities to experience in nature!

You can choose the formula you prefer from:

You can choose the formula you prefer from:


Wouldn’t you like to receive a nice ticket saying “Gift voucher for a canyoning experience with a Xadventure Guide” or surprise your girlfriend with a “Gift voucher for a canoe ride to the lake”? Sometimes the ideas are missing, give an experience and you will surprise anyone!

esperienze da regalare veneto


Free voucher is a great way to compose a gift and it has the maximum flexibility. If you don’t know which activity the person who will receive the voucher prefers, this is the ideal voucher for you.

Decide how much you want to spend and whoever receives the gift will decide how to use the free voucher, whether to use it all or divide it on more activities.

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