School Activities

Designed for schools of any kind and type: primary, secondary, vocational schools and any other type of training center.

Programs, experiences and activities dedicated to learning in nature. Groups are divided by type of school and age of the participants, because we believe that training is part of our life and doing it in different ways can be very useful for any path.

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attività outdoor per le scuole


Team up, help each other, appreciate diversity, support each other.


Get to know the river and team up with rafting boats, dedicated to all the schools that have appreciated the activity of discovering Verona from the river and want to repeat the experience in a very different context.

  • Where: Adige valley in the section from Brentino to Gaium
  • Territorial and cultural aspects: the Lagarina valley, the history of the glaciers that came from the Alps to the lake and the plains, the geology, the discovery of a territory, the Austrian fortresses, the history of a valley that has changed over time, life of the populations coming down from the North, the border between Italy and Austria.
  • Meeting point: location Preabocco with ample parking for the bus, the descent is about 10 km along the river and arriving at Gaium
  • Time schedule: 9 am or 2 pm
  • Duration: about 3 hours
  • Availability: up to 100 kids
  • Program:
    • Meeting explanations and technical briefing
      Start descent by boat along the river between herons and nature – we learn to drive the boat alone with the guide who teaches us
    • Arrival at the Ceraino lock (the most beautiful and beautiful place in the Adige Valley)
      Arriving in Gaium, arrangement of inflatable boats
    • Delivery of certificates and saying goodbye
  • What to bring: the complete list is provided at the time of booking
  • Price: Upon request, contact us

Playing with the earth globe and topography. Dedicated to teachers who want to make children live a very important experience by involving them in a competition designed for them and to their extent which brings out the value of collaboration.

  • Where: between Caprino Veronese and Rivoli on the Moreniche hills
  • Territorial and cultural aspects: the Morainic Hills, the history of the places, the glaciers, the plain of Caprino, the marble, the rocks
  • Technical aspects: understanding the morphology of the terrain, reading a map, using a compass, the distance scale, calculating Azimuths, moving at a constant speed, orienting oneself, then choosing the direction
  • How: a fun game in which the boys have a path to follow and points to reach, the apprehension that during the journey there are obstacles to overcome but only with the collaboration of the whole team is it possible to do so. hurry can complete the path, answering questions and guessing the right directions
  • Duration: about 4 hours
  • Participants: minimum 18 maximum 100, each team will be about 6 participants
  • Program:
    • Meeting of explanations and technical briefing
    • Briefing of the race and team departure
    • Race time: about 2 hours
    • Arrival of the teams, the announcement of the winning team
  • Price per person: indication between 17 and 20 euros based on the total number of participants, contact us for the exact information
  • Safety: safety is guaranteed by the Xadventure staff present on site, the game takes place within an area of ​​vineyards and woods delimited, the boys then work in groups without problems to get lost.

Going down a stream facing waterfalls and pools of water in a unique context, a brisk day of collaboration and fun but also a moment of important personal growth

  • Where: Brentino Veronese at Xadventure base
  • Training aspects: understanding each other, learning, knowing, facing the limit, determination, managing fear, helping each other
  • Duration: in total 4 hours
  • Participants: minimum 4 maximum of 50
  • Program:
    • Meeting and briefing
    • Preparation of team materials
    • Getting dressed and approaching trekking start (about 20 minutes)
    • Activities in the stream (about 2 hours)
    • Return to base and materials arrangement
    • Return of experience, certificate and say goodbye
  • What to bring: towel, dry pair of shoes to change after activity, swimsuit
  • Technical material: all the necessary technical material is provided by Xadventure
  • Price per person: depending on total number of participants, contact us Xadventure
  • Security: guaranteed by the Group’s specialized mountain guides

A canoe trip on the lake becomes an incredible experience and full of ideas

  • Where: Garda, Cisano/Bardolino or Peschiera
  • When: from April to October
  • Training aspects: working together, appreciating the environment, getting to know each other, seeing new perspectives
  • Duration: in total 3/4 hours
  • Participants: minimum 4 maximum of 60
  • Program:
    • Meeting and briefing
    • Security notions
    • Let’s start paddling
    • Swim break
    • Return and arrangement of materials, say goodbye
  • Price per person: idepending on total number of participants, contact us Xadventure
  • CWhat to bring: towel, watershoes or slippers, swimsuit
  • Technical material: all the technical material will be provided by Xadventure
  • Safety: guaranteed by the Safety kayaks that assist the children
  • Canoe: inflatable, type sit on top so unsinkable, and extremely manageable, that do not present safety problems
rafting adige


To train professionals means to increase their knowledge and prepare them to face the challenges that will characterize the work of the future, we do it through experience, the most severe and demanding one that enables people to confront and to realize great enterprises.

The courses dedicated to university students are the most advanced and specialized courses, alongside the usual subjects of study, the same program we take for the most important business groups that entrust us with their managers.

The purpose of these courses is to enable students to live important and demanding experiences, preparing them to then face the world of work with determination, evaluation skills, the ability to accept challenges and to evaluate their own resources correctly.


They are courses that aim to become aware of their capacity in a very demanding area, the one of emergency.

The Rescue courses are held in difficult areas, areas in which the chronometer runs fast and time makes the difference between the success or failure of rescue operations in the mountains, in the river, or in other areas of the Outdoor

All programs must be studied and organized tailor made, details are provided directly by Mail or Telephone


Climbing a mountain means accepting the difficulties, solving problems and setting up new strategies every day based on changing conditions.

Doing it in a context of complete isolation means raising organizational skills, programming, and if the error occurs, finding a solution and adapting to the new condition.

This is in short the path that we offer to university centers to combine their skills with determination and the ability to face challenges.

All programs must be studied and organized at the restaurant, details are provided directly by mail or telephone.


Get ready to experience something that you will remember for a lifetime, get ready to face an expedition in the Himalayas or on the roof of Africa.

We will go up to quotas to which you have never thought to climb, we will carry out a feat starting from the preparation, from the organization and we will study the program that will allow us to reach the summit.

A scientific method for preparation, an analytical method to manage materials and an absolutely psychic method to prepare for the enterprise.

All programs must be studied and organized at the restaurant, details are provided directly by mail or telephone.

What do we do:

  • We give children the opportunity to live experiences, practicing our sports and learning from the experience itself.
  • We bring out with them the importance that these experiences have, what lies behind them: risk assessment, the necessary collaboration, the acquisition of greater awareness and security in themselves, regardless of the background that everyone has.
  • We explain that the boat goes in the desired direction only if all the members of the team are paddling in the same direction, a perfect metaphor in many other areas of life.
  • We discover that unity is strength and friends are those who help you and can count on us.
  • Children are all special in the same way, we simply try to bring out the potential of everyone with the aim of making them grow.
  • The children are always assisted in the operations, insured with a specific contract for the activities carried out.

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