Kids Adventure Camp

Programs for adventurous kids, developed with the aim of making them grow, improving self-confidence, a sense of limit, respect for others and in particular the sense of responsibility.

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Kids Adventure

Programs for adventurous kids, developed with the aim of making them grow, improving self-confidence, a sense of limit, respect for others and in particular the sense of responsibility

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The activities we offer

  1. Exploration of the lake by canoe: the canoe excursion to discover the most hidden corners of the lake, with the necessary to create a “camp on the beach”. It teaches children how to manage their equipment, how to help themselves, how to manage their water and food resources during the excursion .. and if you are tired?
    We will help each other to reach the goal, perhaps by pulling the weakest
  2. Rock climbing: a discipline that helps to acquire control of one’s body, balance, concentration, but above all that develops a sense of responsibility towards others, of the person I am sure of, counting on the fact that he too will be responsible for the my safety. An exercise that creates a strong bond with your partner.
  3. Discovering canyoning: discovery, discovery, discovery, this is the magical world of vertical streams, very narrow gorges with breathtaking waterfalls, transparent pools of water in which to dive, splash and have a lot of fun. We will learn to appreciate the beauty of nature, the delicacy of the environment, we will learn the uncontrollable power of water, the millennial strength of the stones that move in the water and create incredible scenarios. And much more…because with the guys you know where you start but you can’t know where you will arrive in the exploration!
  4. River rafting or canoeing: the raft is a means that allows you to discover the river in total safety, to explore the most unknown corners of the Val d’Adige, review a bit of history admiring some of the most beautiful Austrian forts that our valley offers us, cross of the very high gorges … but one thing is essential to learn: to be able to drive this vehicle, the collaboration of everyone, communication between the crew and strong leadership on the part of those who take the helm of the boat is necessary. If the age and preparation of the boys is adequate, the descent into the river can also be tackled with the two-seater inflatable canoes.
  5. Via ferrata: ladders, Tibetan bridges, walls suspended over a stream … a real amusement park in nature and at the end a nice dip in the coldest water you have ever experienced. Fun is guaranteed, but be careful, first of all you will learn to stay focused, to learn the correct use of the carabiners, the heat sink and the harness. There will be times to joke and relax and those when our safety depends on our actions. Even if everything is always done under the watchful eye of the Alpine Guide.
  6. Bike tour : the bike is a means that allows you to move in total autonomy, to discover roads and paths through the hills and forests of extraordinary beauty. It is a highly training activity, but if done with our guides, the fatigue will be rewarded by fun jumps and evolutions in total safety.

Active Summer Camp

A totally new “Summer Camp” on Lake Garda.
Created by Lake Garda Active, thanks to the union of three companies that have been offering outdoor experiences to the area for many years, each with its own peculiarities:
Xadventure Outdoor Lake Garda, Tita Sort, Fit&Sun

  • 5 DAYS OF PURE FUN in the Baldo-Garda area
    From Monday to Friday : 12-16 June , 19-23 June , 26-30 June

  • Activities:
    ● Canoe
    ● Climbing
    ● Trekking
    ● Mountain bike
    ● Rafting

    The activities will last the whole day (from morning to afternoon). Accompanied by expert guides, every day they will have the opportunity to do an outdoor sport activity and discover our wonderful area.

    An outdoor picnic for lunch, educational activities during the break, skill games and many other situations that will allow you to experience unique experiences in a unique context.

    The activities will be undertaken following the health rules of the moment. In addition, our equipment will be disinfected before and after use, with specific products.

    …what if it rains?

    the activities will take place anyway, only for climbing, the indoor climbing gym of Xadventure in Caprino Veronese will be made available.

  • Price: € 190,00 per boy/girl for 5 days
    Includes: membership fee, all activities, guides and assistants, the necessary equipment (excluding bikes), accident insurance and a souvenir gadget, useful for the activity.

    Does not include packed lunches and transfers.

  • Age: from 6 to 15 years and if the numbers allow it, we will divide the children into 2 groups by age group: 6 – 10 years and 11 – 15 years

Xadventure Summer Kids Camp – only for adventurous children!!

Let’s have fun discovering the area, playing with nature, learning about new activities and new friends but above all living great adventures together!

    It is a unique camp of its kind, which offers the opportunity to discover activities in nature, normally aimed only at adults. Who is it for: very adventurous children and teens, aged between 8 and 14.
  • When: 7 – 11 August 2023
  • Where: the camp takes place in the area of Lake Garda, Val d’Adige and on Monte Baldo. Meeting point: Xadventure Outdoor lake Garda climbing area in Caprino Veronese
  • Hours: Reception hours from 8.00 to 8.30 Children return time 16.00
  • Number of participants: the course is confirmed upon reaching the minimum number of registrations which is equal to 8 students and closes at the maximum number of 15
  • Scheduled activities:
    ● Canoe
    ● Climbing
    ● Rafting
    ● Canyoning
    ● Ferrate and Trekking
  • Organizers / Contact persons: Mountain Guide (if the numbers require it 2) 1 Tour leader / companion
  • Price: € 450,00 which includes:
    • membership card
    • all sports and educational activities that will be carried out during the camp
    • travel in order to reach the places where the activities take place 
    • equipment to carry out all activities
    • Souvenir and useful gadget for the camp
    • dinner, overnight stay, breakfast and lunch.

Xadventure Base Camp with overnight stay in a tent

5 days of Xadventure outdoor activities and 4 nights of pure adventure in a tent surrounded by nature.
A one-of-a-kind camp for kids, the keywords are: exploration of an unknown destination, discovery of nature, knowledge of new activities and new friends but above all to live great adventures together!

  • When:
    10.-14. July 2023
  • Where: it is a secret that we will reveal only to members … but it will be a fantastic journey!
  • Price: € 480,00  and includes:
    • membership card
    • all sports and educational activities that will be carried out during the camp
    • travel in order to reach the places where the activities take place
    • equipment to carry out all activities
    • souvenir and useful gadget for the camp
    • overnight stays, breakfasts, lunches and dinners (in tents with equipped kitchen and support structure)

    Given the costs that we have to bear for meals and for the support structure, we ask families to prepare lunch and snacks for the first day anyway and additional supplies of drinks, snacks, fruit and biscuits for the week would be welcome..

  • Each day begins with the arrangement of the camp, preparation of the packed lunch and the necessary materials and ends with the arrangement of the equipment.

What to prepare

  • Swimsuit
  • A pair of hiking shoes, a pair of sneakers, slippers or sandals
  • Sun hat and a neck warmer bandana
  • Necessary for the shower and a beach towel
  • Sunscreen, sunglasses
  • short trousers that dry quickly, long light trousers, technical sweater / fleece to put under the wetsuit, a warm fleece sweater or thick sweatshirt, rain jacket
  • For the daily camp prepare a backpack with:

    • Lunch: Sandwich or cold dish, drink, fruit or candy
    • Two snacks: morning and afternoon
    • Drinks: water and some juice
    • We ask the children to bring their own packed lunches, to avoid problems related to intolerances and to be more independent when moving.
    • We also believe it is instructive to make children responsible for organizing their lunch when organizing activities in the mountains or in places where it is not always possible to buy food.

  • For the Base Camp with overnight, the material indicated above must be sufficient for 5 days of activity:

    • 2 swimsuits
    • 2 short shorts that wash and dry easily
    • 2 technical shirts in synthetic fabric (one is provided by Xadventure)
    • change of underwear and socks for 5 days
    • 2 pairs of trainers or one pair of hiking and one trainers
    • tracksuit for the evening
    • warm jacket or sweater for the evening
    • the necessary personal hygiene and 2 towels (one large and one small)
    • daypack and luggage bag
    • sleeping bag and mattress (pillow for those who want it)