Come with us on the roof of Africa, the highest free-standing mountain on the planet 5.856 mt.

An incredible journey that opens the horizons of the mind followed and accompanied by our guides you will prepare yourself for this great high altitude trek, don’t miss it.

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Come with us on the roof of Africa, the highest free-standing mountain on the planet 5.856 mt.

An incredible journey that opens the horizons of the mind followed and accompanied by our guides you will prepare yourself for this great high altitude trek, don’t miss it.

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Holiday schedule

  • PERIODO: August 2020 (08.08 – 22.08) 15 days

  • DURATION 15 days in total: 8 days of trekking and 3 of safary in the parks surrounding the Kilimanjaro and hot springs

  • WHO THE TRIP IS FOR?: this experience is suitable for all those who live a stressful everyday life and who want to leave the routine and prove to themselves that it is possible.


    • Day 1: Departure from Milan at about 5.00 pm
    • Day 2: Arrival in Moshi
    • Day 3: start of trekking, a night at camp Machame Camp
    • Day 4: Shira camp
    • Day 5: Moir camp
    • Day 6: ascent to Lawa Tower – Arrow Glacier 4800 mt, night in Campo Barranco
    • Day 7: Barranco Wall climb, a night at Karanga Camp
    • Day 8: ascent to Kossovo Camp
    • Day 9: Kilimanjaro peak and descent to Millenium Camp
    • Day 10: exit from the Kilimanjaro park
    • Days 11-14: safari in natural parks in the area of ​​Kilimanjaro Taranghire-Ngoro Ngoro-Serengeti, visit Masaai villages or alternatively Hot springs
  • PRICE: The Indicative cost is € 3500.00 for a minimum of 4 participants.

    If you choose to continue then with the post-climb safari you should consider about € 280.00 per day in addition between transport, permits and safaris with all expenses included including room and board.


    • Overnight stays in a single tent for each participant
    • Italian Alpine Guide for the whole period
    • Entrance to the Kilimanjaro Park and various fees for the passages
    • Local African guide
    • Bearers, assistants, cooks
    • Transportation to and from the airport
    • Transportation to and from the Kilimanjaro park
    • Hotel accommodation on arrival and the last day before departure
    • Three meals a day during the trek

    • Entrance fees in Tanzania around 50 $
    • Meals on non-trekking days
    • Extra flights and transports beyond those to and from the airport and from and to the Kilimanjaro park
    • Extra flights and transports beyond those to and from the airport and from and to the Kilimanjaro park
    • Entrance fees to safari parks
    • overnight stays outside of trekking
  • REGISTRATION: before March 2020

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Important information

  • Kilimanjaro is a magical mountain, a volcano in the middle of a flat area, passing from the heat of the savannah to the perennial glaciers through the rainforest that surrounds it and protects it.

  • During the trek we are organized to provide all the necessary assistance, from tents to essential services, you will have to think only to prepare yourself correctly to face the final climb and enjoy the journey

  • Before departure there will be 4 skills preparation and verification meetings, important topics will be addressed such as travel preparation, what to bring, medication management, emergencies, focus on altitude sickness, motivation, and high altitude

  • Our staff has been busy on Kilimanjaro for 5 times and to date has achieved 100% success without any problem of acclimatization

  • The route retraces one of the most famous climbing routes “Machamè Route” but detaches from it to complete the acclimatization of our trekkers

Who are the guides

Founder of Xadventure Team

Mountain guide – River canoeing teacher – Rafting guide – Instructor Canyoning

· Director of canyoning specialization courses for mountain professionals.

· President of the National Canyoning Commission.

· President of the Canyoning International Technical Commission.

· Member of the National Board of Alpine Guides.

1988 – River canoeing teacher.

1990 – Rafting guide

1998 – Preparatory course

1999 – National course of aspiring guide.
2002 – Canyoning specialization course.
2004 – International mountain guide.
dal 2013 – President of the National Canyoning commission
dal 2016 – International canyoning commission manager
20 years of Alpine rescue
10 years of helicopter rescue, which make me very sensitive to prevention and training in the most complex areas.
6 years at the army as a training officer in the mountains and beyond

I have been working on rivers and in the mountains since I was 16, first as an assistant instructor, then as a teacher and guide.
My cultural know-how leads me to be eclectic and able to range from one discipline to another without problems, I have always practiced different sports even at a high competitive level, I love teaching, transmitting and sharing passions and experiences.

Practiced sports: all those typical sports of the Alpine Guide disciplines like climbing, ice climbing, high altitude expeditions, off-piste skiing, ski mountaineering, canyoning, river canoeing, sailing, paragliding, telemark, triathlon and all that concerns the bicycle, in short … I like to explore and test myself!

My professional sports life is combined with a very intense professional insurance life that ranges from managing complex risks related to the Outdoor world, up to normal everyday coverage, of course, managing very carefully the professional commitments in the two areas, and relying on valid collaborators.

I work in both my professions with great passion, being able to cut out both spaces according to the moments, this system in my opinion keeps the enthusiasm high and the desire to do well and always improve.

You can reach me by phone but if I don’t answer at the first time it’s not because I don’t feel like it, it’s just that I’m always very busy.


A.Mountain guide – specialization in Canyoning – Alpine Rescue technician in Ala

I am from Avio, the last town in the south of Trentino, a border region with availability for beautiful adventures.

I live at the foot of Monte Baldo and since I was a little boy I have enjoyed going to the mountains, in my life the mountain has represented and represents the expression of what I am, of how I live of what I feel. I love the rocks in every season, I love water in all its forms: liquid, crystallized in flakes and even frozen when the cold forms ice falls. I feel good in the mountains and this is enough to be able to appreciate every aspect of it, climbing and skiing ever since..

I started attending the Alpine Rescue at the age of 17 as a young student, today I am a mountain rescue technician.

My professional training began in February 2014 with a presentation of alpine climbing, rock climbing, ski mountaineering ascents, climbing on icefalls, etc. at the college of the Trentino mountain guides.

After the very hard selections I had the luck and the pleasure of participating in the training course for aspiring guides, passing the various exams with positive results. During the course I also had the opportunity to achieve the specialization in canyoning, thanks to this I’m part of Xadventure now.

I like to transmit, I like to teach, I like to experience emotions together with the people who frequent Xadventure.

What did I do before becoming a Guide?
I used to climb rocks to make the climbing walls safe, I worked in the companies of displacement and so I lived hanging on a rope even before, with the difference that today I am climbing up, yesterday I was abseiling down!

I’m waiting for you to have fun together … and if it’s bad weather?
Well the worst case scenario we can have a drink together!!

Andrea Speziali
Xadventure Outdoor Lake Garda


Kilimanjaro park Guide

I was born the 21-11.1985 in Moshi.

Our partner in expeditions to Kilimanjaro. Kija is an experienced and reliable guide of the Kilimanjaro park, has many years of experience as a carrier, then an assistant and then after passing challenging exams, as a guide.

He is among the most reliable guide we recommend during our treks at high altitude, serious, precise, punctual, which is why he joined our partners in Tanzania.


Kilimanjaro park Guide – logistic technical leader in Tanzania

I was born the 17 March 1975

Technical partner in Tanzania, it is the logistic man for excellence in Kilimanjaro trips and safaris in the Rift Valley, in the Tarangire and in the Serengeti.

Accurate, punctual, attentive, he is a reliable person and attentive to the needs of our groups.
He has been our reference in shipments for 5 times and has always shown great organizational ability. You will meet him in person and like him immediately, if you come with us to Tanzania.


Tutte le Guide Alpine che collaborano con noi sono Guide Alpine o aspiranti Guide UIAGM, che condividono lo spirito e la filosofia di Xadventure.


How can I be updated on the activities you propose?2019-05-02T17:17:00+00:00

The best way is to follow our Facebook page, you’ll find it at the bottom of the pages of our site, alternatively, you can send us a request to enter you in the Xadventure whatsapp group.

For what do we need the other days?2019-05-02T16:44:30+00:00

They are useful for any emergencies (example: luggage problems), a few days of safari and relaxing

How long does the hike take?2019-05-02T16:42:18+00:00

The hike lasts 8 days from the day we enter the Kilimanjaro park to the day we leave, from the start we will be the 7th day on the top.

What does it mean to acclimatize?2019-05-02T16:37:23+00:00

It means giving our organism time to settle at the altitude that gradually rises, the great job we will do every day will be just that, managing change to adapt to the quota

But if I have never been up in altitude can I still participate?2019-05-02T16:34:43+00:00

Of course, many of the people who came with us had climbed lower mountains or had not exceeded important quotas at all, what we will do is prepare ourselves with the right acclimatization

Should we organize food?2019-05-02T16:33:40+00:00

No all the logistics are organized, we will also have with us the kitchen tent, the food, and everything necessary to safely and properly make our shipment

Where do we sleep?2019-05-02T16:32:02+00:00

We will sleep in the tent, the place will change every day and our tent will be mounted to the next field.

What skills are needed to participate in the shipment?2019-05-02T16:30:47+00:00

The Kilimanjaro is a high altitude trek that needs good walking resistance so you need to prepare yourself to walk in the mountains or on the hills for at least 10 hours a week.

Can I do it even if I have never done a trek at high altitude?2019-05-02T16:29:46+00:00

Yes if you are ready to question yourself and if you are not afraid to work hard. The high altitude can be annoying but if the path is managed following the proper procedure to adapt your body, even people with an average workout can do it. Sure you have to be healthy and not have problems declared of heart.

What to bring?2019-05-02T16:21:40+00:00

Before leaving you must consider carefully what to bring with you, for this we will organize a dedicated meeting in which we will verify the material you have and how to integrate it:

– 2 short-sleeved technical shirts

– 2 long-sleeved technical shirts

– a light trekking trousers

– a heavy trekking trousers

– a light or primaloft down jacket

– a fleece or heavy sweater

– a 2 or 3 layer shell jacket

– a structured boot

– a comfortable approach shoe

– 2 pairs of thin stockings (better if anti-blisters)

– 1 pair of heavy socks

– 1 pair of graduated compression stockings to improve circulation

– long technical underwear to use even at night

– light gloves, heavy gloves

– waterproof poncho and possibly waterproof trousers

– sunglasses

– light cap, heavy cap

– necessary for personal hygiene and towel

-based medicines (painkillers, generic antibiotic, yeast, anti-dysentery, diuretic) and a minimum for first aid (plasters)

– sleeping bag

If it’s bad weather?2019-05-02T16:16:50+00:00

It can always happen that weather conditions require a change of plans and make travel more difficult. All our trips require a strong spirit of adaptability and adventure. We will try to transform even an apparently negative situation, into a positive experience, just change the point of view: we will make the sailors dispersed in the mists, we will be sailors like the Vikings did, we will surely live unforgettable experiences.

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