Organized Adventure trips

Traveling with Xadventure means experiencing exciting adventures in completely different contexts.

Africa, Asia but also Europe are the most frequented destinations: skiing, climbing, kayaking but also by bike or on foot, are the activities we propose in each destination.

Choose your adventure vacation:

viaggi avventura


Four days of adventure, high-level skiing looking at the sea and the breathtaking volcano environment that always gives incredible surprises.

viaggi avventura nel mondo


An incredible journey that opens the horizons of the mind followed and accompanied by our guides you will prepare yourself for this great high altitude trek, don’t miss it.

vacanza avventura


During the day you ski, in the afternoon you embark and sail until the next climb but not as simple passengers, in the experience there is also active participation in the management of the boat .. but we will not tell you anything else until you sign up.

viaggio avventura


A 14-day journey through the highest mountains in the world, immersed in the Buddhist culture and the magic of the Sherpa valleys.

viaggi per il mondo

Adventure travel - Svalbard:

The Svalbard Islands are located in the Arctic Ocean, halfway between Norway and the North Pole. The word «Svalbard», means «cold coasts». A place that has always fascinated travelers for the uniqueness of its fauna, the arctic nature, the wild and uncontaminated open spaces, which we will go to discover with snowmobiles and skis under our feet.


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