XAdventure Team

Xadventure, a team of outdoor professionals, born to offer their experience and professionalism to all those who want to access the adventure world for the first time or continue to discover new adventures.


Xadventure, a team of outdoor professionals, born to offer their experience and professionalism to all those who want to access the adventure world for the first time or continue to discover new adventures.

Who we are

  1. Xadventure Outdoor Lake Garda is a sport association aimed at those looking for emotions, training, culture and experiences in nature.
  2. Xadventure brings together many certified professionals: alpine guides, ski instructors, canoe instructors, rafting guides, paragliding pilots, mountain bike guides, skippers, Nordic walking instructors, personal trainers and many outdoor enthusiasts, who collaborate in this beautiful world.
  3. Approaching Xadventure means entering the world of adventurous sports, accompanied by professionals and prepared step by step.
  5. Let yourself be embraced by adventure, enter the XAdventure world too.

What we offer

  1. Competence and care in the realization of the dreams of those who contact us.
  2. Attention and patience to those who approach these activities for the first time.
  3. Extreme helpfulness and competence to those who want to achieve important goals and overcome their limits.
  4. Care and professionalism towards the children who through us grow up in the nature.
  5. Territorial enhancement because we make you discover our fantastic territory, the most hidden and still little valued corners.
  6. Valid guides to explore not only the external environment but also your deep personal sphere, facing your emotions and your fears.
  7. We offer experiences that make people change, making them more aware of their abilities.

Our team

The Xadventure team is composed of Alpine Guides with international IFMGA / UIAGM qualification,
performing this full-time profession both in summer and winter,
Canoe/Kayak and Rafting guides, paragliding pilots with decades of experience, Mountain bike instructors and Ski instructors.

The safety of your excursions is therefore guaranteed by professionals who have spent
and spend most of their time doing these activities…
from the canyons to the currents of our rivers,
from the cliffs of the Dolomites, to the glaciers of the highest peaks of the Alps,
up to destinations that have already been tested several times.

Our team

The Xadventure team is composed of Alpine Guides with international IFMGA / UIAGM qualification, performing this full-time profession both in summer and winter, Canoe/Kayak and Rafting guides, paragliding pilots with decades of experience, Mountain bike instructors and Ski instructors.

The safety of your excursions is therefore guaranteed by professionals who have spent most of their time doing these activities…

from the canyons to the currents of our rivers, from the cliffs of the Dolomites, to the glaciers of the highest peaks of the Alps, up to destinations that have already been tested several times.

The Xadventure board

Founder of Xadventure Team

Mountain guide – River canoeing teacher – Rafting guide – Instructor Canyoning

· Director of canyoning specialization courses for mountain professionals.

· President of the National Canyoning Commission.

· President of the Canyoning International Technical Commission.

· Member of the National Board of Alpine Guides.

1988 – River canoeing teacher.

1990 – Rafting guide

1998 – Preparatory course

1999 – National course of aspiring guide.
2002 – Canyoning specialization course.
2004 – International mountain guide.
dal 2013 – President of the National Canyoning commission
dal 2016 – International canyoning commission manager
20 years of Alpine rescue
10 years of helicopter rescue, which make me very sensitive to prevention and training in the most complex areas.
6 years at the army as a training officer in the mountains and beyond

I have been working on rivers and in the mountains since I was 16, first as an assistant instructor, then as a teacher and guide.
My cultural know-how leads me to be eclectic and able to range from one discipline to another without problems, I have always practiced different sports even at a high competitive level, I love teaching, transmitting and sharing passions and experiences.

Practiced sports: all those typical sports of the Alpine Guide disciplines like climbing, ice climbing, high altitude expeditions, off-piste skiing, ski mountaineering, canyoning, river canoeing, sailing, paragliding, telemark, triathlon and all that concerns the bicycle, in short … I like to explore and test myself!

My professional sports life is combined with a very intense professional insurance life that ranges from managing complex risks related to the Outdoor world, up to normal everyday coverage, of course, managing very carefully the professional commitments in the two areas, and relying on valid collaborators.

I work in both my professions with great passion, being able to cut out both spaces according to the moments, this system in my opinion keeps the enthusiasm high and the desire to do well and always improve.

You can reach me by phone but if I don’t answer at the first time it’s not because I don’t feel like it, it’s just that I’m always very busy.

Vice president of Xadventure Team

Ski- Freestyle- Freeride teacher and Safety kayaker

· Instructor 2° level Artistic Gymnastics

· Certified gym trainer

· Weightlifting and Physical Culture instructor

· Mountain bike instructor

· Boules games instructor

· Multivalent therapist in a mobile clinic or similar

· Osteopath

· Functional biomechanical

· Kinesiologist

· Physiotherapist

· Sports massager

· Life guard

I was born the 19.05.79 in Verona

Passionate about the mountains and downhill skiing from an early age, I entered the world of competitive skiing at the age of 6, but my true passion has always been jumping and off-piste.

I was attracted by the mountain environment both in winter and summer and have always been attracted by adrenaline activities, such as motocross, acrobatic gymnastics, downhill and freestyle.

Over the years, I have transfered this passion for movement into my studies and finally into my work as an osteopath, biomechanic and sportsmasseur, which I always do with great passion.

In 2014 I was lucky enough to enter the world of Xadventure and try new experiences, which allowed me to make dreams come true, which I had long been in the drawer, like climbing Kilimanjaro.

For years passionate only about the mountains, I recently approached the world of canoeing, becoming this year a “safety kayaker”.

Giulio Giacomelli
Xadventure Outdoor Lake Garda

Sales e marketing


Contact sales & marketing

At the disposal of all those who want to access our world, I will always try to encourage you, giving you all the necessary information.

Safety Kayaker, Mountain bike guide, BLSD operator

I’ve always been a very sporty girl, always looking for the limit, for something new to experience.

Then one day, I decided to participate in a tour of Ski Mountaineering, Freeride and Telemark on Etna with Xadventure … I met our mountain guide Marco Heltai … and everybody understood how this story went further.
So in addition to my historical passions of cycling and skiing, I added canoeing, climbing, canyoning, high-altitude trekking, paragliding …

After 20 years of working in the world of foreign trade in tourism, first in a mountain destination, then at Lake Garda, I thought to use my experience combining it with the world that best suits me, an active holiday in the outdoor world.

My goals are:
– make it suitable to everyone, through a clear and simple communication, the possibility of accessing this fantastic world of Adventure, step by step, without fear, being available to respond to any doubts or concerns, without taking anything for granted.

– promote our fantastic Baldo-Garda area in a new way, communicating to our guests, that in addition to beaches and amusement parks, terrestrial paradises are born, untouched by mass tourism, paths rich in history, visible only by practicing our activities that can turn a holiday into a real experience to remember.

In 2018 I obtained the certifications of BLSD and First Aid, Safety Kayak, Mountain Bike Guide 1st level, aligning with the philosophy of Xadventure, to make available to guests competence and professionalism.

I love children and in general all the people who like to get involved, challenging their fears. Therefore, as an assistant, along with the Mountain guides, I follow the summer and winter camps for children and outdoor training courses for companies, I encourage the weakest and I admire the most daring … I live real transformations, which fill me with joy.

Dreams in the drawer: travel the world by bicycle, climb the highest peaks in the world, descend the snowiest slopes of the world, move from one part of the world to the other by canoe … but also continue to live like this I wouldn’t mind.


Xadventure Outdoor Lake Garda

The Alpine Guides


A.Mountain guide – specialization in Canyoning – Alpine Rescue technician in Ala

I am from Avio, the last town in the south of Trentino, a border region with availability for beautiful adventures.

I live at the foot of Monte Baldo and since I was a little boy I have enjoyed going to the mountains, in my life the mountain has represented and represents the expression of what I am, of how I live of what I feel. I love the rocks in every season, I love water in all its forms: liquid, crystallized in flakes and even frozen when the cold forms ice falls. I feel good in the mountains and this is enough to be able to appreciate every aspect of it, climbing and skiing ever since..

I started attending the Alpine Rescue at the age of 17 as a young student, today I am a mountain rescue technician.

My professional training began in February 2014 with a presentation of alpine climbing, rock climbing, ski mountaineering ascents, climbing on icefalls, etc. at the college of the Trentino mountain guides.

After the very hard selections I had the luck and the pleasure of participating in the training course for aspiring guides, passing the various exams with positive results. During the course I also had the opportunity to achieve the specialization in canyoning, thanks to this I’m part of Xadventure now.

I like to transmit, I like to teach, I like to experience emotions together with the people who frequent Xadventure.

What did I do before becoming a Guide?
I used to climb rocks to make the climbing walls safe, I worked in the companies of displacement and so I lived hanging on a rope even before, with the difference that today I am climbing up, yesterday I was abseiling down!

I’m waiting for you to have fun together … and if it’s bad weather?
Well ..in the worst case scenario we can have a drink together!!

Andrea Speziali
Xadventure Outdoor Lake Garda


A.Mountain guide – Mountaineering master – specialization in Canyoning

My name is Mattia Piffer and I’m 27 years old, I live in Povo, 
a fraction near Trento.
The passion for the mountains has been handed down to me since I was a child by my parents who, besides getting closer to it, have taught me to respect and love it.

For all my youth I continued to cultivate this interest, dedicating myself to much of the outdoor activities that can be practiced in a mountain environment such as: climbing on the cliff, mountaineering in the Dolomites and in the high mountains, trekking, ski mountaineering, ice climbing, snowshoe hiking, canyoning.

The attraction for the mountains has become more and more important over the course of my life, so much that I decided to make my passion also my work, earning the diploma of A. Mountain guide in 2018.
This allowed me to be able to transmit my enthusiasm and skills developed over the years to those who want to approach this world.

I am an extrovert and very motivated person, I like to relate to the public whether it is composed of young people or adults, despite my young age I am sure I can convert to you, something that will make your trip an experience of personal training and also entertainment.

I wait for you to discover together the innumerable beauties of the alpine environment.

A presto,
Mattia Piffer
Xadventure Outdoor Lake Garda


Tutte le Guide Alpine che collaborano con noi sono Guide Alpine o aspiranti Guide UIAGM, che condividono lo spirito e la filosofia di Xadventure.

Canoe and rafting guides


Rafting Guide 2° level – Lifeguard assistance – Ability for external waters (river, lake, sea ) – BLSD operator

I was born the 03.02.89 in Verona, I have lots of different skills in the water (lifeguard, free-diver) wich I use being a Rafting Guide.

When you come to paddle together with me I would like to show you the culture for a secure excursion, to enjoy and discover the natural ambient where we will be going.

I put all my effort to show everybody that comes on the boat with me something new and interesting, to have an experience to repeat, adding some little but important details to our descent together.

Roberto Tenci
Xadventure Outdoor Lake Garda


Rafting guide III level – White water rescue technician Rescue 3 – White water and expedition canoeist – Director of the Italian Rafting Federation – Free time doctor

– bring people in a protected and safe way to know the water environment: dynamic fluid, always full of surprises and news.
– Transmitting respect for water

Dr. Valerio Ciuffa
Team Xadventure


People with different experiences collaborate with us:

Alessandro Mariani (XRaft Val di Sole, Giovanni Fontana (former canoeist at a competitive level), Giulio Giacomelli (canoeist), Luca Zito (ex Olympic canoe).

The minimum requirements for joining the team and accompanying customers by canoe is the achievement of the Basic Assistant Master certificate, issued by Rescue Wild Water by Onda Selvaggia.

Onda Selvaggia® National Rescue Training Center Wild Water® has been operating in the Alluvial River Rescue sector since 1998 and is proposed as a reference point for safety in the river and aquatic area, disseminating the Rescue Wild Water standard (RWW®) to which Entities refer , Federations, Military Corps, Fire Brigades and Civil Protection obtaining numerous national and international awards in these 18 years. Our Trainers are the only ones in possession of the National Title of Trainer in the field of fluvial disciplines and in the Alluvial River Salvation and Aid.

Mountain leaders


Mid-Mountain Guide – registered with the regional college in the Marche region

I was born the 11.02.1977 in Viterbo ì

I come from a town in the province of Viterbo, located at the foot of the Cimini mountains, an ideal place for trekking and hiking. The attraction towards the mountains was born from an early age, walking, playing, and experiencing outdoors contributed greatly to my personal growth.

I lived in the Viterbo area until the age of thirty, learning various trades and professions, including cooking, which, years later, gave me the opportunity to move to the mountains working as a cook in a shelter. The refuge was the Rifugio Cupi, located in the locality of the same name at the foot of the Sibillini Mountains, right on a very popular route with the name: “Anello dei Sibillini, a route that lasts 8 days and allows people to visit wonderful places.
This professional experience has given me the desire for mountains and life in the open air, a kind of love at first sight that culminated in the desire to enroll in the selections for mid-mountain guides of the Alpine Guides College of the Marche Region.

The professional course lasted 620 hours, during which I was able to develop specific skills on accompanying, managing and reducing risks in the mountains in hiking activities and not least, many skills on environmental and historical aspects of the territory.

Today I am involved in developing together with other colleagues and friends the pleasure of introducing these mountains to young people and people who love going to the mountains, appreciating the aromas, the landscapes, the taste and the colors. I have many dreams and many passions to develop and cultivate, I love sharing with others the pleasure of being in the mountains and for this I am sure I can well represent the values ​​of the territory in which I live and work. I am ready to get involved at any time in order to learn and increase my knowledge and experience.

Come and visit me in the Sibillini mountains, we will appreciate together this fantastic place.

Alessi Alessandro
Xadventure Outdoor Lake Garda

Partner for adventure travels


Kilimanjaro park Guide – logistic technical leader in Tanzania

I was born the 17 March 1975

Technical partner in Tanzania, it is the logistic man for excellence in Kilimanjaro trips and safaris in the Rift Valley, in the Tarangire and in the Serengeti.

Accurate, punctual, attentive, he is a reliable person and attentive to the needs of our groups.
He has been our reference in shipments for 5 times and has always shown great organizational ability. You will meet him in person and like him immediately, if you come with us to Tanzania.


Kilimanjaro park Guide

I was born the 21-11.1985 in Moshi.

Our partner in expeditions to Kilimanjaro. Kija is an experienced and reliable guide of the Kilimanjaro park, has many years of experience as a carrier, then an assistant and then after passing challenging exams, as a guide.

He is among the most reliable guide we recommend during our treks at high altitude, serious, precise, punctual, which is why he joined our partners in Tanzania.


We only work with reliable partners who have worked with us for many years